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IClass Ways

Automatic screenwriter with online tracking of routes and delivery personnel

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The IClass online script is of the highest quality, 100% cloud-based, being flexible for various types of restrictions and requirements. Its routing algorithm is adaptable and serves different types of operations, respecting the characteristics of your business, such as:

Delivery windows

Configure your client’s time restrictions. The algorithm will respect this information.

Heterogeneous fleet

Vehicles of different types, with different capacities and speed profile.

Multiple deposits

Deliveries can leave from multiple distribution centers, and you will be scripting at once.


Main features:

  • Transhipment vehicles: Vehicles from occasional or on-demand providers can be included in the routing only when the main fleet is not sufficient to meet the demand, ensuring service.
  • Work shifts and lunch breaks. This configuration can be parameterized with or without return to the origin and with or without recharge during the pause.
  • Multiple horizons of planning and periodic services: IClass Ways create several routes for various periods (shifts, days). Maps with real distances between points respecting travel speeds by type of vehicle and location / terrain.
    Delivery windows: Limit times for each delivery, with different configurable duration.
  • Heterogeneous fleet: Different types of vehicles, with different capacity and speed profile such as bicycles, motorcycles, cars and trucks can be used at the same time and in any of the deposits. Different costs are configured for each type of vehicle globally or in a specific warehouse.
  • Multiple warehouses: Set up one or several distribution centers, with full or partial availability of the fleet.

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